Resolute Mental Health Care


The first service of its kind in Australia, Resolute has constructed and is executing a comprehensive vision for the future, where the integration of high-quality clinical services is easily available and proudly led by two military psychiatrists.

Most importantly, this system of care places the veteran and their family at the centre of all decision-making. This ensures autonomy and self-agency are maintained.

Resolute understands we veterans exist in families and families exist within communities. This recognition means layers of support can be developed as an effective channel for restoring meaning and wellbeing.

The value of employment opportunities, social gatherings to reflect, and sharing time with our loved ones cannot be understated. Resolute is a signal to those of us prepared to make a career of the profession of arms. We cater to the four crucial pillars of service delivery.


Health and Wellbeing

A military career can be incredibly challenging on the body and mind. Accordingly, Resolute provides simplified and streamline access to medical, mental health, hearing, legal, financial, and dental practitioners, with a particular focus on family support and wellbeing  programmes.


The complexities of claims processes within the Department of Veteran Affairs can be stressful. Welfare and advocacy services are available to veterans and their families to provide invaluable assistance and guidance throughout the DVA claims process and other supports available to them. With efficiency in mind, Resolute helps navigate DVA medicolegal reports and evidence-based treatments where indicated.


Resolute ensures that ex-servicemen and women are best positioned to remain socially engaged and connected, within a community that understands them. Con- sequently, the families of ex-servicemen and women find they are able to connect with individuals who have an intimate understanding of the challenges they may face in supporting their loved ones.


Finding and securing employment can be challenging for many men and women leaving the Australian Defence Force. Resolute enjoys privileged relationships with providers who can assist with this process, providing both training and support services where required. 




Dr Rory Morris-Butler is a Consultant Psychiatrist who is trained in the United Kingdom and Australia.

His initial training was conducted at the Maudsley where he gained his Membership to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) whilst a serving Medical Officer in the British Army. Upon leaving in 2018, he came to Australia and completed his psychiatric specialty training in the ACT and WA, gaining his Fellowship in 2021.

During his 12 years in the British Army, he deployed to Afghanistan as a General Duties Medical Officer, as well as providing medical cover in Canada and the UK. Prior to starting a career in medicine Rory completed his Combat Infantry Course (CIC) Reserve with 4 Para but did not pass PCoy or gain wings due to injury.

Whilst in London, Rory worked with the King’s Centre for Defence Mental Health Research (KCMHR) to publish on the effects of deployment on troop morale and career aspirations of those deployed on operational tours.

He retains strong research interests and feels that research and evidence-based practice is fundamental in providing Gold Standard care.


Dr Richard Magtengaard is a Consultant Psychiatrist with near 20 years of clinical and administrative experience, originating from working within the Public Mental Health arena, later moving on to establish a broad set of interests within the Private Practice and Not for Profit setting.

Dr Magtengaard served for 10 years as a Commissioned Officer (Bridge/Harbour Watchkeeping and Navigation) within the Royal Australian Navy, before retiring to complete his Postgraduate Degree in Medicine (MBBS). He remains dedicated to assisting Defence Personnel, our Veterans, First Responder Organisations, and their families who have sustained physical and psychological traumas during the performance of their duties.

Richard remains an active member of the Australasian Military Medical Association (AMMA) and has developed lasting affiliations with ADF Joint Health Command (JHC), Returned Services League WA (RSLWA), ANZAC House Veteran Central, St John Ambulance (SJA), West Australian Police (WAPOL), Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and numerous other Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs).

Richard is passionate about the future of evolving health technologies to improve outcomes in care, including neurostimulation with rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).
Richard is available for Telehealth appointments via Oqea.


We make today a statement that you are valued and honoured.
As a community, we have inherited the freedoms forged by our forebears. And as a community, we need to continually strive to support those who have supported us for so long.


Resolute Mental Health Care





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