Hope and Resilience Counselling

John Dodwell from Hope and Resilience Counselling is working with Pro Patria to provide counselling and mental health support to veterans and first line responders.

John has a background working as a registered nurse and a Master of Counselling from Monash University. He is a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

John’s work background includes working as a caseworker and counsellor with survivors of war and displacement. He has previously worked with the Australian Red Cross and The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Sufferers (STARTTS). John is currently studying online through the Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) Training College to become an accredited EMIT practitioner.

Hope and Resilience Counselling is located in Gurwood Street and easy to find, a block away from Fitzmaurice Street. John named his practice Hope and Resilience Counselling because he believes that despite our struggles, there is always hope and our circumstances can improve. John believes that human beings are more resilient than they realise. It is often through talking with someone, in a private and safe space, that the journey to greater emotional and mental well-being can begin. As a counsellor John offers the time and space for talking, listening, reflecting, working out ways forward and unlocking resilience and hope.

John believes that many of the issues we struggle with now – depression, anxiety and stress, anger, alcohol, and drug issues, are symptoms of deeper issues from our past. John believes that it is important to unlock memories of trauma and past suffering in order to come to a point of acceptance so we can live productive and fulfilling lives.

John offers counselling for depression, grief, anxiety, anger and stress. These are experiences that can affect any person, at any stage of his or her life. His role is to help clients explore what is going on, and why and what can happen to bring about positive change and life-nurturing outcomes.

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Hope and Resilience Counselling




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