Pro Patria Centre Fulfilling Boss Report Recommendations

On 29  September 2021, the Federal Government released the report written by the Interim National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention, Dr. Bernadette Boss CSC.


Here are some excerpts of the recommendations being explicitly fulfilled by Pro Patria Centre (PPC)


Recommendation 4.1 The Australian Government should fundamentally reconsider the purpose of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) rehabilitation and compensation legislative framework. The current framework, which is premised on a compensation model, should be replaced with a wellbeing model, which incorporates concepts of social insurance more aligned with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

PPC is fundamentally committed to the holistic wellbeing model providing support for families within our PPC community facility. We know that non-clinical interventions serve as effective adjuncts, boosting the outcomes of clinical treatments. PPC is already creating opportunities for music and art groups, with plans for cooking, gardening programs in the near future.


Recommendation 6.7 The Australian Government should build upon the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) training pilot – which trained a limited number of psychiatrists in veteran and military health – by providing additional funding to train more psychiatrists in these areas.

PPC is working closely with psychiatrists:

  • Dr. Ted Cassidy of TMS Australia. TMS Australia will be operating from PPC providing previously unavailable services to the Riverina region.
  • Dr. Alex Lim, providing Ketamine Infusion at Calvary Hospital.
  • Dr. Luke Johnston, coordinating with the PHN Mental Health Unit of MLHD.
  • Dr. Perrin Kwek, will be seeing patients at PPC extending his specialist veteran practice into the Riverina.


Recommendation 6.8 The Australian Government should consider including veterans as a priority group for Primary Health Networks (PHNs), and providing funding and program stability for PHN initiatives to support veterans.

Working with Dr. Jim Read and Luke Johnson who are in our  PHN, PPC is coordinating information and education opportunities locally.


Recommendation 6.10. Consideration should be given to whether synergies could be created by establishing specialist centres for emergency services and veterans. 

From its inception, PPC has been working with serving and former emergency service personnel and their families.


Recommendation 7.5 Defence should explore initiatives that better support service members to gain civilian skills and qualifications in their intended post-service career path prior to their transition. This includes arrangements (which should be strongly encouraged, if not mandated) to allow ADF members leave to complete vocational qualifications, training or work experience not provided in the ADF.

Defence Shed Wagga Wagga is an established, thriving, sibling organisation that may co-locate with PPC and is providing exactly that in conjunction with local TAFE and other providers. PPC is connecting with private colleges and universities to distribute course information and veteran-centric study opportunities as they become available.


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