Open Arms Programs this April @ Pro Patria

🌤BEATING THE BLUES Wagga 08 & 15 April
A 2-session program to help you understand & manage depression.
What’s covered?
✅ Understand the signs and symptoms, situations and thinking patterns that contribute to depression.
✅ Challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours.
✅ Learn techniques to manage stress and depressed moods.

🧠 UNDERSTANDING ANXIETY Wagga 13, 20 & 27 April
A program over three sessions that teaches you strategies and skills for managing anxiety.
What’s covered?
✅ Understand the impact of military training and experience on anxiety.
✅ Learn strategies to challenge/change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours
✅ Discover lifestyle factors for managing anxiety.
Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan.

Book now: 1800 011 046 or register online
Beating the Blues: Program registration

Understanding Anxiety: Program registration

It’s the first time these programs will be run in a longer form.
Both face to face, hosted at Pro Patria Centre, Wagga (former Carmelite Monastery in Ashmont)

🔶 Who can attend:
Current and ex-serving ADF members, partners and adult children; and ex-NSW Police/Paramedics etc who are members of DSWW.

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