Macquarie University Students Begin a New Project for Pro Patria Centre

The direction of the work and development of services we deliver at Pro Patria Centre are informed by the veterans, first responders and families we serve. In 2021 the Department of Veterans Affairs announced their veteran-centric reforms, putting veterans and their families first. This shaped the way we formulated our data collection.

In March 2021 the Pro Patria Centre Board commissioned a first survey of the region and the data collected helped us profile the acute need across the Riverina. The unique feature of the Pro Patria Centre survey report is that it looks at more than the numbers. The Pro Patria Centre process is to go to the source, i.e. the Veterans, First Responders and their Families. Our fundamental position is that our veterans, first responders and families are the experts in their challenges and identifying the need. The lens you use for the data analysis is critically important. The result is a report that highlights the complexity and relationship of physical, mental and social needs alongside the experience and perception of support in the region. 

We are excited to announce that we have a team of students from Macquarie University who will be working with us to refine our survey and take the next snapshot of need in the region. Catherine, Benjamin and Isabella start their project work with us next week.

“I’ve selected Pro Patria because I have a passion for supporting individual’s wellbeing and mental health. I currently work with many children from Defence Force families and find this to be an amazing opportunity to develop skills and gain insights to effective services and programs. I look forward to collaborating with others on this project,” Isabella.

This will be Pro Patria Centre’s fourth project undertaken with the skills and expertise of the PACE program at Macquarie University.


See the summary of the first survey here:

Pro Patria Centre Survey Update

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