Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Pro Patria Centre has been right behind the community campaign to bring Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to the Riverina. Many of our supporters will know Brad Fewson. Brad an ADF, police veteran and Wagga Wagga son is suffering from a severe traumatic brain injury has been receiving HBOT treatment. His health and quality of life have improved significantly. However, the only treatment centre available to him is in Melbourne. Years away from home, separated from his family and support network is challenging. Brad must have this treatment and must have it available in his home town. Pro Patria Centre is working closely with DVA and will be well placed to be the home of HBOT in the Riverina, making this incredible therapy available to many others across the region.

Never heard of HBOT before?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Is the Application of Oxygen and Air Intermittently at generally 2-3 times  normal atmospheric pressure generally for 60-90 minute sessions in a pressurised chamber generally applied over multiple sessions

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy:

  • Helps to heal wounds
  • Stimulates  the Immune System
  • Can reduce tissue damage in traumatised / crushed tissue
  • May help the brain to heal after injuries such as traumatic brain injury and stroke by improving Brain/ tissue oxygen and consequently energy, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels to help tissues including the brain to heal
  • Stimulates the growth and recovery and increased connection of nerves (neurogenesis and neuroplasticity)
  • Improves brain/ neuron and other cellular function by stimulating the development of increasing numbers of mitochondria (the cells power stations)
  • Reduces swelling in acutely damaged tissue
  • Can reduce inflammation and stimulate the production of anti oxidants which reduce tissue damage and ageing
  • May improve  chronic pain and pain sensitisation syndromes such as fibromyalgia
This has the potential to treat both chronic pain and brain injuries in veterans. In simple terms HBOT heals wounds, stimulates  brain healing and improves brain connectivity.
This has the  potential when combined  with other treatment that stimulate brain healing and neuroplasticity such as transcranial magnetic stimulation and certain drugs such as ketamine to heal a variety of brain injuries both physical and psychological contributing to chronic headache, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, impaired cognition (thinking) and focal neurological damage or wounds.
Watch this video with Dr Shai Efrati
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