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In this 1½ hr live online workshop you will learn a revolutionary self-care technique already being used by soldiers, veterans & elite athletes all around the world to help you improve your recovery, enhance your performance & optimise your sleep.

A short presentation will reframe spontaneous movements including shaking, trembling, tremors & stretches as a natural recovery reflex that dumps adrenaline & physically releases stress & tension so you can rebalance your nervous system, recovery more quickly & more easily access peak-performance states.

The practical component of the workshop will teach you how to deliberately invoke this neurogenic tremor response in a safe & controlled way, so you have a simple tool to use on your own for the rest of your life in as little as 5 to 10 minutes simply lying on the floor or even in bed at night.

While TRE appears revolutionary in the western world, you’ll be connecting with a secret Samurai practice used by Ancient Warriors for thousands of years to become lethal warriors one moment then chilled out Zen Masters the next.
No matter what techniques you are already using, TRE will support & enhance them by providing you with a completely different entry point to relax your mind & restore your body to its optimal states of health & wellbeing.

This event is part of #VWS2021